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On the Road to
a Greener Future

Join Solar Monkey on an eco-friendly adventure.

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Screens everywhere,
screens for all

At Samsung, the sustainability of our planet and the inclusivity of all our customers are at the core of our values. As we work to overcome social and environmental challenges through conscious innovation, we invite you to join us on our journey.

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Solar Monkey gets
an eco makeover

Toys, like remote controls, are a huge sector of products that rely on batteries to run. So we gave a regular toy monkey an eco makeover with an innovative SolarCell Remote that runs without disposable batteries. Watch as new-and-improved Solar Monkey uses his freedom to explore the wider world.

Charged and
recharged by light

Our new friend's SolarCell Remote is designed to charge when its panel faces the light – including indoor lighting. Just by being out in the sun, Solar Monkey is charged with enough energy to experience the world like never before. But where will he go, and what kind of world will he discover?

Made from fantastic,
recycled plastic

Solar Monkey finds many places littered with trash. Here's his chance to help! As he cleans up, he recycles a plastic bottle hoping it will be reborn into more sustainable products. He'll be happy to hear that 24% of the SolarCell Remote is actually made from recycled plastic.

Less wasteful, more

After picking up all that trash, Solar Monkey is glad he no longer runs on batteries. *In fact, his rechargeable SolarCell battery is projected to keep 200 million batteries out of landfills over the next 7 years. Imagine how reducing waste in other ways can help heal our Earth.

*The above figure is based on an internal estimate over 7 years, the expected life cycle of the TV, and worldwide use of Samsung TVs. (2022)

Team up with Solar
Monkey for a greener

Solar Monkey shows us it's surprisingly easy to take steps toward a greener future. Our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle, have a positive impact on the health of our planet and the people who live on it.

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